Trailer Music Update

I have contributed tracks to several trailer albums by Colossal Trailer Music:

'Creepy Creepers from Creepville' (Creepy, spooky & eerie lullabies) - Track: 'Mockingbird Killer'

'Eclipticon' (Hybrid orchestral themes) - Tracks: 'Earth's Last Stand' & 'Alien Armada'

'Terra Firma' (Epic orchestral themes) - Track: 'Moving Mountains'

'Apocalyptica' (Brooding orchestral jungle themes) - Track: 'Ratu Udre Udre'

'Patriotica' (Patriotic orchestral themes) - Tracks: 'Hyperion' & 'Soldiers of Fortune'

'Solenoid X' (Industrial hybrid tracks) - Tracks: 'Rage Virus,' 'Scorched Earth,' 'Do Or Die' & 'Incapacitator'

'Supernova' (Epic orchestral themes) - Track: 'Predestination'

All tracks are published exclusively by SPM Music Group, and the albums can be previewed here

Website launch has officially launched! You can listen to music samplers, see some sync placements, and request pre-composed or bespoke music using the navigation options at the top of the pages. This news section will be updated with any exciting new syncs, or appearances on library music compilation CDs. There are some exciting developments ahead, especially in the field of trailer music.