Trailer Music Update

I have contributed tracks to several trailer albums by Colossal Trailer Music:

'Creepy Creepers from Creepville' (Creepy, spooky & eerie lullabies) - Track: 'Mockingbird Killer'

'Eclipticon' (Hybrid orchestral themes) - Tracks: 'Earth's Last Stand' & 'Alien Armada'

'Terra Firma' (Epic orchestral themes) - Track: 'Moving Mountains'

'Apocalyptica' (Brooding orchestral jungle themes) - Track: 'Ratu Udre Udre'

'Patriotica' (Patriotic orchestral themes) - Tracks: 'Hyperion' & 'Soldiers of Fortune'

'Solenoid X' (Industrial hybrid tracks) - Tracks: 'Rage Virus,' 'Scorched Earth,' 'Do Or Die' & 'Incapacitator'

'Supernova' (Epic orchestral themes) - Track: 'Predestination'

All tracks are published exclusively by SPM Music Group, and the albums can be previewed here